What Is A Progressive Jackpot?

March 8, 2021

The first thing to know is that a progressive jackpot is actually a system of jackpots awarded to slot machines linked together. It is offered on these slot machines connected with certain online or land casinos. We are faced here with a concept that quickly became revolutionary, and for good reason, since it allows the luckiest players to win millions of euros or dollars. This is due to the fact that this jackpot increases over time, until it becomes phenomenal sometimes, just to radically change the life of the one who will then drop it. But be careful, in order to win the final jackpot on a virtual or physical slot machine, a player will then have to bet a maximum amount on his favorite machines to have a chance to activate the jackpot.

How the progressive jackpot slot works

All players who are or are interested in slot machines will explain to you that those which offer progressive jackpots remain their sin. And it is normal that they are now attached to playing on a progressive jackpot slot machine since it is a virtual game that constitutes a real opportunity to win because of its dizzying jackpot. But if it is pleasant to win good sums, you will have to take into account that before playing it, you will have to understand its overall and general functioning.

As we indicated to you a little above, the machines with progressive jackpot are thus slot machines connected to each other and which share a common jackpot, which can reach millions of euros. This is a jackpot which automatically increases on all machines. This winning bonus actually occurs when a player bets on one of them, and its increase, however, depends on many factors. It will indeed take into account the factor of the number of interconnected machines and the number of players who bet on each of these machines. But what also remains a very big important factor remains the amount of bets which often vary depending on the time of day. As a little tip, you should know that this amount of pot grows significantly at the end of the day in general.

Are you visiting a casino for the first time and looking for a slot like this? Well, it won’t be really difficult since progressive jackpot slot machines are easily identifiable, whether in casinos or online, in order to simplify the life of players. These are games that are very popular with players because they easily allow you to pocket huge winnings and it is for this reason that they are always highlighted, whether on the casino website or in the engine room. Regarding land-based casinos, there is even a small novelty. Indeed, they quite simply made available to players a vast network for a common progressive jackpot,

The different categories of progressive jackpots

It is important to do the right thing. Connected slots actually offer two categories of progressive jackpots. We find in the first of these categories, very large progressive jackpots which are available on slot machines provided by two leaders in the sector, namely Playtech or Microgaming. These are some really attractive slots here, offering these progressive jackpots that can reach mind-boggling amounts to allow you to dramatically change your life overnight. In their catalogs we find superb games like The Beach Life or Gold Rally. But to win these jackpots, you really have to be particularly lucky, because it can be difficult, because of the random number generator associated with the machines on the network. Regarding the second category, there are smaller progressive jackpots, offered on slot machines published by Cryptologic for example and more easily accessible, the jackpots can reach attractive amounts, but minor compared to that of the two leaders. But the advantage will therefore be essentially in the fact that it will be easier to win them.

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